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A Guy Fucks His Horny Roomates Ass

Chris Young was laying in his bed in the middle of the night stroking his tool. It felt so good he worked the head of his dick until it was throbbing hard. He wanted some ass so he got up and went to his roommate’s room where he found him asleep and naked. He crawled in bed with him and his roommate pushed his ass into Chris’s cock and rubbed on it. Chris pushed his dick into Timmy Smith’s ass, rolled on top of him and fucked him hard. He plowed him into the bed, slamming that ass like he was mad at it then, as he came, he pulled out and decorated Timmy’s ass with his spunk.

Marjan and Milos

Milos and Marjan can’t wait to get each other naked and let the games begin! Marjan is a pole sucking champ and he takes Milos’s prick eight inches to the back of his throat! After the pole event is over, Milos hits Marjan’s puckered bullseye and fucks him until he’s ready to pop a cap off in this cock sucker’s mouth!