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Post Apocolyptic Gay Outdoor Fuck Fest

Emilio Sands and Valentino have made it to the end of the world, and all they really want to do is fuck all day and night. Without anything else to do, it certainly seems like a great idea. They are outside and keep on fucking each other, finding an insanely quiet spot and then pumping each other full of their cum. They certainly don’t mind maybe being the only ones left alive, and you can hear their moaning and screaming throughout the entire jungle. Now that is fucking hot, and you’ll never heard them complaining about finding quiet time.

Andrej, Marjan and Milos

When Milos, Marjan and Andrej get funky on the purple couch, an all out fuckfest ensues. If you love ski pole suckjobs and hardcore face-fucking, you’ll love this scene. Watch as synchronized blowjobs are performed, before the hairy dude gets sandwiched and receives an airtight pounding at both ends. Enjoy as twice the cum dribbles down his scruffy chin.